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AMD's ThreadRipper CPUs are the biggest we've ever seen


AMD ThreadRipper

AMD’s new ThreadRipper processor is absolutely massive. But, with up to 16 cores and some beefy motherboards to go with it, it’s really no surprise.

Unveiled at AMD’s investor day earlier in the monthm and shown off for the first time at Computex, ThreadRipper will be direct competition to Intel’s new X-series processors that range from Core i5 all the way up to Core i9.

ThreadRipper CPUs will slot into X399 chipset motherboards and will support a vast number of PCIe lanes, with up to 64 lanes for high-end peripherals such as graphics cards and high-speed storage. The chips are based on Ryzen technology and are more powerful than the company’s regular Ryzen 7 processors.

AMD ThreadRipperEven cynical journalists appeared impressed

Don’t expect to be buying one yourself, though, as they’re really only designed for high-end workstations undertaking massive rendering operations. Still, one can dream.

AMD hasn’t detailed the full range of gnarly ThreadRipper processors, revealing only that they’ll top out at 16 cores. This will double up to 32 threads thanks to Simultaneous multi-threading, which is similar to Intel’s Hyper-Threading.

ThreadRipper motherboardsThere's already a strong line-up of ThreadRipper motherboards

And yes, as we said, it’s massive. We don’t have an official measurement from AMD, but it appears to be substantially larger than Intel’s 18-core top-end Core i9 processor. Size doesn’t mean much, in fairness, but it looks like AMD is focussing on big, chunky chips for the foreseeable future, especially considering its "EPYC" (yes, really) server processors are even bigger.

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EL Jay

June 5, 2017, 2:59 pm

NASA and the Chinese government plan to use these CPUs in the new secret space station they jointly working on.

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