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Amazon To Deliver Parcels To Your Local Cornershop With CollectPlus


Amazon Collect+
Amazon Collect+

Amazon is set to make an even bigger dent in high street retail with its latest move. It is to start delivering parcels to local cornershops and newsagents through the Collect+ scheme.

Rather than having to wait at home for orders to arrive, or have them sent to a work place, consumers will be able to collect their orders from local shops that are often open until late, unlike most post offices.

The service also allows for easy returning of unwanted items, with the customer able to drop the item at the shop whenever's convenient - great if you find out those bargain jeans you bought are just a bit too tight.

Collect+ already operates in 4,900 shops and Amazon is planning to use them all, though it's starting with a smaller a trial for the time being. Shops that have Collect+ include Spar and CostCutter, and Amazon is in talks with the Co-operative with a view to getting the service in their supermarkets.

Amazon and other online retailers have already made a very significant impact on high street spending and this move is only set make times even harder for them. But, from a consumer point of view, there's no denying it's a step in the right direction.

Dismayed at high street retail taking another kicking, or are you just happy to see such a convenient service arrive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.





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Peter Morris

August 17, 2012, 6:42 pm

Yup, Collect+ is awesome value. I had to send an 8Kg parcel to Devon and the recipient didn't want the hassle of being in to collect so we agreed it would be delivered to his corner shop. Cost me about £3.00, I recall. Proper courier does the transport.

Royal Mail was going to be about £15 so a major saving. . .

I have no affiliation with Collect+ but am a very happy customer.

Rob Sherman

September 11, 2013, 6:22 pm

Using collect+ is going to boost high street sales as Amazon will collapse. They send parcels to dingy corner shops - mine was lost in Reading though they claim it was delivered. Parcels are stored under the stairs amongst rubbish and there is no receipt book etc. They may be able to deliver but their network of shops is not at all controlled

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