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Amazon Prime Music subscription service hits the UK


Amazon Prime Music
Amazon Prime Music

Amazon has brought its Prime Music subscription service to the UK just over a year after its US launch.

The service offers Amazon Prime subscribers access to a million tracks, as well as hundreds of curated playlists, which can all be streamed and downloaded for free.

One million tracks might sound like a lot, but it actually represents a very small library of music relative to major rivals like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music. Each of these offers a library of around 30 million tracks.

In particular, Amazon Prime Music completely lacks support for artists signed to Universal Music Group, the largest music label in the world. This omission hasn't been rectified since the service's launch in the US in June 2014.

Where Amazon Prime Music differs, of course, is that it will be freely available to you if you're already an Amazon Prime subscriber. It simply adds extra value to the £79-per-year service.

The service is also completely ad-free, which can't be said for Spotify's free service.

Amazon Prime Music also lets you stream any music you might have purchased from Amazon in CD form, including that of Universal artists.

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The Amazon Prime Music service can be accessed through the new Amazon Music app on iOS and Android, and it'll be available automatically on Amazon's own devices (including the Fire HD, Fire HDX, and Fire TV).

It's also accessible through any web browser by navigating to the Prime Music website.

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