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Amazon Prime Music finally comes to Sonos


Amazon Prime Music

Sonos speakers are great, and part of that greatness comes from the wide array of streaming services it supports.

Adding one more string to that particular bow, Sonos has announced support for Amazon Prime Music.

Amazon’s music streaming service first landed in the UK back in July, just over a year after it first launched in the US.

The service currently offers over one million songs on an ad-free basis.

For that luxury, you’ll need to be subscribed to Amazon’s £79-per-year Prime subscription package.

Of course, that also gives you access to free next-day delivery, Prime Now, Kindle e-book loans, and Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, marking it as a seriously high-value proposition.

“We believe technology should promise convenience, which is why we’re excited to work with Amazon to bring Prime Music to Sonos,” says Laura Cook, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Sonos.

She adds: “Amazon shares our quest for the everyday simple.”

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Amazon Prime Music is currently only offered on Sonos as a beta, but anyone can access it through the Music Menu in your Sonos app.

It’s also worth noting that if you just want to give it a try, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of Prime.

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