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Amazon Prime Instant Video launches in the UK tomorrow with Alpha House

Sam Loveridge


Alpha House
Alpha House

Amazon Prime Instant Video will launch in the UK tomorrow, replacing the LoveFilm Instant streaming service.

The new Amazon Prime Instant Video, available in the UK tomorrow February 26, combines LoveFilm Instant and Prime Instant Video into one subscription service.

The change was announced earlier this month, much to the shock of existing Amazon Prime and Lovefilm subscribers.

In order to access the service’s 15,000 strong content library of TV shows and movies, you’ll need to subscribe to Amazon Prime for £79 per year, or if you buy now you can get it for £49 until tomorrow.

To celebrate the new Amazon Prime Instant Video service, Amazon is releasing its first original series Alpha House on February 26, starring John Goodman.

All 11 episodes of Alpha will be available tomorrow to binge watch at your leisure.

“Prime Instant Video is the UK’s largest movie and TV subscription streaming service with more than 15,000 great movies and TV episodes for our customers to enjoy,” said Tim Leslie, VP of Amazon Instant Video in the UK and Germany. “The talent behind Alpha House is incredible and as the first full series to come through Amazon Studios we can’t wait to hear what our viewers think to the show – especially considering the overwhelming positive reaction to the pilot.”

You can still subscribe to Prime Instant Video on its own for £5.99 if you’re not interested in next-day Amazon deliveries.

Lovefilm as a brand will still exist to offer a DVD and Blu-Ray rental service, but Lovefilm Instant is gone for good.

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February 25, 2014, 5:08 pm

I think saying that the change was announced earlier this month is a bit ambiguous given that it was only announced 4 days ago. As far as giving customers advanced warning, that's not much time to decide!

Also, massive negative... everything... directed at Amazon for still not having an Android client for Prime Instant viewing! Kindle Fire doesn't count.


March 1, 2014, 6:52 am

I will be cancelling my prime due to the extra charge and not being able to use it on my nexus devices.

Maryon Jeane

March 22, 2014, 11:35 pm

We decided to try Amazon Prime with a free trial and, based on the trial outcome, decide then what to do instead of Love Film rental (which service we've been using for years).

Two days into the trial of Amazon Prime and it's a clear-cut decision: no. Out of the seven videos we've tried to view only one has loaded. Many of our choices were, despite being listed as such, actually not available for viewing via the Amazon Prime service. Customer help each time simply advised 'try rebooting' (!) which, the couple of times I did try it just to see, didn't do the trick.

So we're going to have to find something else to do on those evenings we feel like relaxing completely. Any ideas?...

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