Prime Day Deal of the Day – Xbox One with Kinect and 4 games just £230

You can pick up an Xbox One with Kinect and Kinect Sports Rivals, Dance Central and Zoo Tycoon, plus a top title of your choice, for jas little as £230 as part of Amazon Prime Day.

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Amazon has posted a bunch of Xbox One console bundles, all of them with Kinect (trying to shift the last of the Kinect stock, perhaps?) and there’s some incredibly good deals on offer for wannabe Xbox owners.

With Microsoft announcing two new consoles at this year’s E3: the Xbox One S and the Xbox Scorpio, many expected the current SKU to drop in price, which it duly has.

There are six console bundles on offer today, each with different games and varying prices, so pick whichever one suits you.

BUY NOW: Xbox One 500GB bundle with Kinect and 4 games – as little as £230

Did you manage to grab an Xbox One in the Amazon Prime Day deals? Let us know in the comments.