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Best Prime Day Deals – Save £50 on the Plex and 4K-ready Nvidia Shield streaming box


Nvidia Shield

There's a great-value 4K media streaming box available this Amazon Prime Day - and it's not the one you're thinking of. Find our why you should buy the Plex-ready Nvidia Shield today.

Yes, you can pick up the Amazon Fire TV with 4K for a knock-down price today, on Amazon's biggest day of deals ever. But there's also a tempting alternative that's well worthy of consideration: the Nvidia Shield.

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It may not be as high-profile as the Amazon Fire TV or the Apple TV, but the Nvidia Shield has a number of compelling tricks up its sleeve.

For one thing, it's 4K-ready, which instantly gives it an advantage over the Apple TV. It also runs on Android TV, Google's slick Smart TV OS. If you find Amazon's custom UI to be a little too heavily weighted in favour of its own content, you'll find the Shield's more open UI to be most refreshing.

Plus, it supports Plex, so you can build a full-fat 4K streaming system on the cheap using the Shield.

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This being an Nvidia device, the Shield is also a potent performer that's capable of handling 3D games with aplomb. That's thanks to the presence of a Tegra X1 CPU and a 256-core Maxwell GPU, backed by 3GB of DDR4 RAM. With thousands of games available through the Google Play Store, it's a particularly strong proposition.

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You also get access to Nvidia's game streaming subscription service, Geforce Now. For £7.49 per month this grants you access to a library of popular PC games running at up to 1080p and 60fps

These are played using the bundled Shield Controller, which is a bit like a mash-up between an Xbox One and PS4 controller. There's also an optional remote control for casual browsing, for those times you want to kick back and browse for something to watch.

Interested? If so, Prime members can currently buy the standard Nvidia Shield on Amazon for £99.99. That's a saving of £50.

Buy Now: Nvidia Shield 16 GB Android TV Box With Controller for £99.99 - £50 off

The same kind of saving can be had if you opt for the Nvidia Shield Pro, which is essentially the same device, but with a much bigger 500GB of storage. That can be picked up for £169.99 today, which is also a saving of £50 over the usual price.

Buy Now: NVIDIA Shield Pro 500 GB Android TV Box with Controller for £169.99 - £50 off

If you're after an alternative take on the set-top streaming box, or one that also offers a strong gaming focus in addition to 4K video, then head over to Amazon and give the Nvidia Shield a try today.

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Spotted any great deals this Prime Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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