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Amazon Opens Mac Downloads Store

David Gilbert


Amazon Launches Mac Downloads Store

Amazon seems to love trying to get under Apple’s skin. Following the recent launch of it Amazon Appstore for Android, Apple took issue over the use of the term Appstore and we imagine the launch of the Amazon Mac Downloads Store won’t be greeted with much delight in Cupertino either.

Amazon yesterday launched the Mac Downloads Store which is more of a reorganisation than an innovation. Amazon has been selling software downloads for a few years now but what the new Mac Downloads Store brings is letting you see all software available for Mac OS in one place. The Mac Downloads Store currently has around 250 titles available with 50 of these being games. While this is a much smaller selection compared to Apple’s offering, the Amazon store does offer one title which you can’t get on the Mac App Store – Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2011. The business version of Office will set you back $202.96 with the home version costing $115. If Amazon is going to succeed with this store, it will be by offering titles which didn’t make it into the official Apple store.

Amazon Mac Downloads Store

Another difference of course between the official Apple offering and Amazon’s version is that the Mac App Store is available as a desktop application and sits on your desktop for you to easily visit whenever you want. It also means with the Mac App Store you will get updates easily delivered directly to your desktop rather than having to remember to visit the Amazon website. The reason why Office for Mac is not available in the official Apple store is not clear, but will probably have something to do with Microsoft’s unwillingness to hand over a 30 percent slice of their money to Apple for every transaction. It will be these and other restrictions which could lead to Amazon’s store getting a range of software which won’t be available from the Mac App Store.

What we are waiting for now is a lawsuit from Apple telling Amazon that it has a patent of the term ‘download’ or ‘store’ but while we wait for that why not check out what Amazon has on offer here.

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