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Amazon Fire TV Stick Black Friday deal gets you 29 percent off


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Amazon is offering its slick Fire TV Stick for £24.99 as part of its ongoing Black Friday Deals Week.

Well, it's Black Friday. It's perhaps possible to miss that fact, given that every online retailer worth its salt seems to have subsumed the once singular event in an extended week of deals.

Amazon's arguably the guiltiest party on that front, but don't let that cause you to miss some of its better deals. Take, for example, this new one for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

We were big fans of the affordable media streaming stick at its special launch price of £24.99, and we were still big fans of it when it returned to its normal price of £34.99.

Now that the Amazon Fire TV Stick has returned to that initial price for Black Friday through to Cyber Monday (November 30), well, let's just say that our fannishness remains undimmed.

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Also worth mentioning is that you can pick up the Amazon Fire TV Stick with the nifty Voice Remote for the usual stand-alone price of £34.99. If you want the ability to search for content using vocal commands through a dedicated controller, that might be the better option.

Of course, you can access this voice function using your phone and the free app, so it's not essential.

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