Amazon Echo is now at its lowest price since Black Friday

The Amazon Echo is now at its lowest price since Black Friday, and the second lowest price its ever been sold at.

Amazon has knocked £20 off the price of its Amazon Echo speaker, bringing the price down from £149.99 to just £129.99 – perfect for anyone on the hunt for a last-minute Christmas gift.

For the unfamiliar, the Echo is Amazon’s first – and flagship – smart speaker, which comes with the built-in Alexa digital assistant. Using your voice, you can command Alexa to do things, like order you an Uber, arrange a delivery via Just Eat, read you the news, and plenty more too.

And the Echo is also a speaker, so it can play music over Wi-Fi just like a Sonos system.

Buy Now: Save £20 on Amazon Echo – now just £129.99

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In our review, we gave the Amazon Echo a 4/5 score, praising its attractive design, easy setup, versatile roster of ‘Skills’, and impressive (and ever-improving) voice recognition.

Here’s our verdict:

“Alexa isn’t quite Jarvis from Iron Man yet, but I have no doubt that she’s on the way there. The original iPhone changed how we interact with technology, allowing us to control devices with apps via a screen and clean UI
Buy Now: Save £20 on Amazon Echo – now just £129.99

On Amazon, the Amazon Echo has a 4.1/5 score based on 2,985 user reviews. Users wrote:

“I purchased this for my father in law who is blind and it has given him a great way of accessing the internet and listening to music. He loves a quiz and he enjoys the quiz skills I have enabled on his Echo.”

“Love this, and for the money I will be placing more Echos in other rooms.”

“The best present I have had for ages, I love it. This device is way cooler than I thought it would be. It tells you the weather, plays music, and I even ordered a takeaway on it the other night. If you are thinking of getting one of these as a Christmas gift do it, they are great.”

Buy Now: Save £20 on Amazon Echo – now just £129.99

All in all, this is a great deal. The only time the Echo has ever been cheaper was on the week of Black Friday, when it was down to a very friendly £119.99. But this is still a cracking bargain on an increasingly impressive bit of kit.

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