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Amazon Dash built in to some new printers and washing machines


Amazon Dash line-up

Amazon’s connected Dash buttons have proved useful for some US Prime customers seeking to re-order household essentials like nappies and razor blades with a single push.

However, now the company has started selling devices in the United States with the functionality built right into the gadgets themselves.

Select Brother printers (45 in total) are now compatible with the program, while a washing machine from General Electric with ‘Smart Dispense Technology’ will go on sale by the end of the month.

This will enable owners of said devices to order ink refills and laundry detergent directly. Both will enable automatic reordering when supplies get down to a certain level.

Interestingly, a Gmate SMART blood glucose monitor with the ability to replenish test strips and lancets through Dash will go on sale at the end January too.

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The Dash program began last summer with a number of key partners.

Owners of the $5 buttons, which are connected to the local Wi-Fi network, are only able to set orders for products from a certain brand, which must be configured via the Amazon app.

The tool works well for busy folks who don’t necessarily care about getting the cheapest deal or are slaves to particular brands like Gillette or Gatorade.

However, they’re less applicable to regular folks who tent to shop for the best deal regardless of the brand name.

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