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Amazon could be making Alexa-powered Echo headphones



Amazon is reportedly working on a set of Alexa-powered headphones that will respond to your vocal commands - as well as those of other people.

The online retail giant has a bit of a breakout hit on its hands with the Amazon Echo, a smart bluetooth speaker that also acts as a home assistant. Now reports suggest that it's looking to bring Echo's Alexa assistant software to a range of new form factors.

One of those form factors will be a set of smart headphones, according to a recently revealed US patent application. However, the application of the Alexa technology could be a little different.

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As highlighted by The Guardian, Amazon has outlined a set of noise-cancelling headphones that will listen out for key words spoken by those around you. In that way, the headphones could temporarily pause the noise cancellation process when it hears someone say your name, or some other key phrase.

That interruption could also come via the activation of another electronic device, such as a door bell. Amazon really doesn't want you to miss its deliveries, it seems.

Of course, the presence of these new tricks doesn't preclude Amazon from implementing the full Alexa assistant as well.

This being a patent application, we won't be holding our breath for a final product. But it's interesting to ponder how Amazon is looking to branch out with its Alexa technology in new and unexpected ways.

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Would you be interested in an Alexa-powered set of headphones, or is it all about the sound quality? Let us know in the comments.

Prem Desai

August 3, 2016, 5:10 pm

Don't really care about Amazon Echo and its bits - still not available in the Uk despite being release in 2014.

Not caring too much about Amozon either at the moment. Their customer service, whilst still pretty good, is going downhill at an alarm rate ......

Glenn Sahli

February 20, 2017, 1:11 am

Would LOVE noise cancelling ECHO Headphones of good quality!!!

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