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Amazon Announces Ad-Supported Kindle

David Gilbert


Amazon Announces Ad-Supported Kindle

For some reason the title "Kindle with Special Offers" made us think of the term “friends with benefits” but we don’t think buying the new ad-supported e-reader from Amazon will get you these kinds of “benefits.”

Amazon has announced that it will be cutting the price of its third generation Kindle by $25 but as a result it will be placing ads and promoting Amazon offers in the market leading e-reader. While the ads won’t be interfering with your reading, they will appear at the bottom of the home page and while the Kindle is idle. The Kindle with Special Offers will go on sale for $114, which is $25 less that the Wi-Fi only Kindle currently on sale. It is now available in the US on pre-order and is expected to ship on 3 May.

Announcing the new deal, Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, wasn’t reticent in hyping up the offer, calling it “the best deal in consumer electronics anywhere in the world." Among the companies advertising will be Olay, Buick, Visa as well as Amazon itself who will be advertising special deals to owners of the new Kindle. Should you miss the offers, a menu option will allow you scan all available offers and a new app called AdMash will even let you chose “the most attractive and engaging display advertisements that will become Kindle sponsored screensavers.”

Amazon is remaining tight-lipped about the Kindle with Special Offers coming to regions other than the States saying: "We do not speculate on future products.” The WiFi-only model is currently retailing for £111 in the UK and should the Special Offers version become available here, we would expect it to slip below the £100 mark.

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