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Alleged LulzSec Member Arrested

David Gilbert


Alleged LulzSec Member Arrested

It’s been a couple of months now since LulzSec set sail on its mission to hack into a number of high-profile website and today the FBI has arrested someone it believes was a key member of the group.

The Bureau arrested Cody Kretsinger (23) who is believed to go under the handle Recusion in a morning raid on his home in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the hacks Kretsinger is believed to have been instrumental in pulling off was the attack on Sony Pictures website.

The attack saw 1 million Sony Picture accounts compromised with details of usernames, passwords, names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth all published on the web. Kretsinger is also accused of distributing this information.

According to the FBI press release Kretsinger used the well-established technique known as SQL injection as the basis for attacks on Sony Pictures. By the time the FBI caught up with him, he had erased any data from his hard drive in a bid to avoid detection.

A tweet from another member of LulzSec, Sabu, mentioned his “political prisoner brethren” and Recursion. He goes on to mention that there are now only two members of the hacktivist group left.

Source: FBI

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