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Acer Unveils Iconia M500 MeeGo Tablet


Acer Iconia M500

We have been waiting quite some time for MeeGo to make an appearance and after a couple of less-than-impressive demonstrations, it seems as if Computex is where the much-maligned OS is making its official debut.

On Monday we saw Asus announce that the Eee PC X101 would be able to run MeeGo as well as Windows 7. Today we have seen Acer's vice president, David Lee announce the 10in Iconia M500 tablet which will run the widget-based OS. Lee was speaking during the Intel tablets and netbooks keynote in Taipei and he gave attendees a brief demo of how the tablet would work. The MeeGo OS will be skinned with a custom Acer interface, offering what the company described as a “snackable UI.” This basically means that the most important content will always be available at your fingertips. The M500 runs on Intel's Atom processor, though it's not know if its will be recently released Oak Trail processor. The tablet looks remarkably like Acer’s 10in Android tablet, the A500.

Acer Iconia M500

Details of the M500 are still a little sketchy but we do know its display will have the same resolution as the A500 (1280x800) and will come with a rear-facing 5 megapixel camera with a flash, again like the A500. The likelihood that we will get to see this tablet under our Christmas tree this year is slim as Acer were careful to say it would be arriving “at” the end of the year rather than “by” the end of the year. This we imagine is completely down to perfect the operating system, as the hardware looks almost identical to the A500. MeeGo has had a rather meandering route to this stage in its life and we can’t see it being rushed to market now.

No pricing was announced for the tablet, as is expected, but its good to see MeeGo running on a tablet which is going to make it to market. It is now a question of whether the OS is good enough to go up against iOS, Android, Windows or even QNX.

Source: Engadget

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