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Acer Refreshes Liquid Mini

David Gilbert


Acer Liquid Mini

The Acer Liquid Mini which we reviewed last month, is a solid smartphone at a low-ish price and Acer has now decided to give it a bit of a refresh.

The most immediately obvious change is the availability of four new “vibrant and trendy” colours – lagoon, cherry, steel and pearl – to add to the five colours already available (black, blue, pink, green and silver). Apparently these new colours resemble a “bouquet that encompasses all the colours of your summer,” – but the less said about that the better. Getting away from the new colours, of more interest to potential customers will be the presence of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), which is an upgrade from the v2.2 (Froyo) previously available. This is of course combined with Acer’s own UI, version 4.2, which won’t please many, but we’re sure there are some people out there who enjoy the customisation. The new version of the software will now allow you to place widgets on the home screen and arrange them to suit your needs - the lack of which on the previous version of the Acer UI was a real pain.

Acer Liquid Mini

There is also now the opportunity to quickly switch between apps by long-pressing the home key – a feature seen on HTC's Android devices. The virtual keyboard has also been updated by putting the status bar on the top to avoid mistyping. SocialJogger, a feature similar to HTC Sense’s Friends Stream, now brings together updates from Flickr and Plurk as well as Facebook and Twitter. SocialJogger 2.0 also now looks better with 3D effects included when panning from one page to another. Photos and videos can also be posted directly from the SocialJogger 2.0 app.

While none of the updates are revolutionary, the addition of Gingerbread is certainly a bonus and could entice more people to look at the Liquid Mini - though if we're looking for a budget Android handset, we'd still probably stump for the Orange San Francisco, which is available for around half the price.

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