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Acer Announces H9500 Full HD Projector

David Gilbert


Acer Announces H9500 Projector

Projectors are becoming more and more popular as an alternative home theatre solution and luckily for customers prices are getting more competitive. Acer is hoping to take advantage of the new popularity with its latest devuce, the Full HD H9500 projector.

Last month we had a look at InFocus’ SP8600 projector which easily broke the £1,000 barrier, priced at £799 but it’s the more expensive, ScreenPlay SP8604 which compares more readily with the new Acer H9500. The InFocus model was priced at £2,500 but the H9500 is out to outdo it on specs as well as price coming with an RRP of just £1699.99. The H9500 offers Full HD projections with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 and uses DynamicBlack technology, which dynamically fine-tunes each scene to optimal black levels while maintaining the original brightness of images, achieving a contrast ratio as high as 50,000:1. The True 24p feature means the projector can display a 1080p resolution image in 24fps, giving viewers the same visual experience as watching a movie in the cinema.

Acer H9500 Projector

There are two HDMI ports to connect to your Blu-ray player, set top box, console or other video source. One issue surrounding projectors can be colour decay, which adds a yellowish or greenish shade to the images on screen. To counteract this, Acer’s H9500 uses a combination ColorSafe II, DLP technology and Acer’s proprietary colour compensation technology to make it “virtually immune to colour decay.” The projector will also allow you to project images accurately onto coloured surfaces doing away for the need to set up a screen. This can be done by simply choosing the wall colour in the OSD menu and the projector will do the rest.

The Acer H9500 video-projector comes with a five-year warranty on the DLP chip and a one-year warranty on the lamp, without an hour limit, and is available now for a SRRP of £1699.99 inc VAT.

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