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Acer Announces 24in Web Surf Station

David Gilbert


Acer Announces 24in Web Surf Station

The list of devices allowing you direct access the web has just been increased by one with Acer announcing the rather interesting Web Surf Station.

On the face of it, the DX241H Web Surf Station is a high definition, 24in monitor, but when you look a little closer it offers something a little different. Sitting somewhere between a tablet, monitor and all-in-one computer, Acer’s latest innovation allows users to get instant access to the web without having the monitor hooked up to a computer. However it doesn’t offer the full functionality of an all-in-one PC, though it will allow you to view movies and other media as it comes bundled with Acer’s proprietary Clear.fi software. Clear.fi is a media sharing system that enables you to seamlessly sync and share your content across a variety of different devices including Acer’s phones, tablets and laptops.

As well as allowing you to stream media via Clear.fi, the DX241H Web Surf Station also allows for DLNA streaming and comes with USB, VGA and HDMI ports as well as a memory card slot. It has an 80,000:1 contrast ratio, with a 2ms response time, and plays 1080p hi-def video. The real questions about this device however, is who is going to use one and what does it offer over say an all-in-one PC or web-connected TV? It seems to offer limited tablet functionality on a stand, while failing to offer the portability benefits of a tablet. We will wait to get our hands on one to decide if the Web Surf Station is a gimmick or if it really could be a useful addition to your technology collection.

For those looking to get their hands on one of these monitors, they will be landing in the UK next month for £299.

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