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Zune HD Leaks, Microsoft Rivals iPod Touch

Gordon Kelly


Zune HD Leaks, Microsoft Rivals iPod Touch

Perhaps the Zune isn't destined to be relegated to Windows Mobile MP3 player software after all...

In what appears to be a valiant attempt to keep the struggling brand alive, images have leaked of Microsoft's 'Zune HD' - a touchscreen rival to Apple's iPod touch.

At this stage we know little other than the images are apparently legit and we can use the dim light of my intelligence to gather the bottom left picture indicates an accelerometer will be inside. As for the 'HD' logo, this is less certain as the phrase has been exploited and diluted to the point of meaninglessness. Will there be 720 pixels or more on the vertical resolution? Could the player be capable of playing back HD content on a lower resolution screen? For now we can only guess.

One thing I would suspect however is Microsoft is finally putting its Surface expertise into a mass market product. After all we've already seen its multi-touch tech wow crowds on the big ass table and similar demonstrations on Windows 7 have garnered a positive response. Besides, if Apple comes late to the touchscreen party and still hasn't got the tech ready the Zune brand will become even more lambasted.

Good luck Microsoft, we could do with someone giving the iPod touch a run for its money...


via Engadget

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