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YouTube Users Can Soon Charge For Videos

Gordon Kelly


YouTube Users Can Soon Charge For Videos

Think that video of your swearing parakeet could become a viral cash mine? YouTube thinks so too...

In what would represent possibly the largest shake-up of its service to date, Google has announced it will soon introduce the option for users to charge other users to see their clips.

Speaking to MediaPost, YouTube product management head Hunter Walk said the transition would happen "in the coming weeks". Up until now users of the site's most popular videos have been able to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and Individual Video Partnerships (IVP), but these had largely been dominated by companies sharing copyrighted content.

"We have hundreds of people making thousands of dollars, and dozens are making tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands {under these schemes}," explained Walk. "People are quitting their jobs to build content for the site."

The hope is such a programme will see YouTube solidify its spot as the Internet's most popular video streaming site as well as encourage users to monetise their content - which has the convenient knock-on of helping Google further monetise a site which was losing money at a staggering rate when it purchased the company for $1.65bn in 2006.

So can it work or will users just end up downloading user's premium content and uploading it for free within minutes of it being published? Only time will tell....


Via MediaPost

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