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YouTube Trials Live Streaming


YouTube Trials Live Streaming

YouTube has announced that it is testing a live video streaming service in conjunction with four of its partners.

The trial is running today and tomorrow with Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood. The new platform also offers a “Live Comments” section, giving you the chance to see the wit and wisdom of YouTube commentators appear in real time – an edifying possibility if ever there was one.

YouTube hailed the move as a ‘new chapter’, and said that all that was required by broadcasters would be a webcam, which seems simple enough.

YouTube has dabbled in live streaming before, broadcasting events such as President Obama’s State of the Union address, a U2 concert, and for some reason Indian Premier League cricket matches. However, these have been one off events and the tests running now are to see if the infrastructure is robust enough for continual use. YouTube said that based on the results of the trial it would be rolling out the service to more of its partners.

Once passed that stage it also raises the possibility of it opening up to all users, though how this could be policed for appropriateness would be an obvious issue.

YouTube’s move will also be seen as a major challenge to existing live streaming incumbents such as Ustream and Mogulus.

Link: YouTube blog.

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