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YouTube Intros Multi-File & 1GB Uploads

Gordon Kelly


YouTube Intros Multi-File & 1GB Uploads

Love or hate the iPhone it is bringing spin-offs a plenty for those without gold-lined pockets.

The latest example comes via YouTube which has been under pressure since teaming up with Apple for the iPhone to produce higher quality, more efficient H.264 content. As a result the site has today confirmed that it is upping the previous 100MB upload limit to a hefty 1GB while keeping maximum clip length at just 10 minutes... 1080p videos anyone?!

Funnily enough - despite this 10 fold increase - YouTube didn't confirm whether it will be increasing the defacto 320 x 240 resolution but this surely must be only a matter of time.

In addition to the 1GB jump, YouTube is also helping out its aficionados by introducing the 'Multi-Video Uploader' to, err... allow multiple files to be uploaded simultaneously. This should prove a particular boon to those helpful naughty copyright flouters who post TV episodes, feature films, Michael Jackson videos and anything else way too long for that frustrating 10 minute cut off.

Interestingly, a dedicated uploading app is also being made available for Windows PCs to eliminate the need for a browser altogether. A Mac version is in the pipeline as well but no release timeframe has been announced.

Both the larger 1GB limit and Multi-Video Uploader go live immediately (as you can see from my rather tacky grab above). Go give Google copyright nightmares...


YouTube Multi-Video Upload

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