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YouTube HD Is Launched!

Gordon Kelly


YouTube HD Is Launched!

So now we know why widescreen YouTube was launched last week...

In what was clearly a bridging move the ubiquitous video sharing site has made the move everyone has been waiting for and embraced High Definition. Yep, starting immediately 720p videos can be uploaded and there are already some impressive examples flitting around if you simply search for the term 'HD'. Yes, there are occasional issues with frame rates and pixilation, while loading times are obviously longer but overall the difference is stunning...

As has become en vogue for companies in recent months, YouTube HD has been given the softest of softly, softly soft launches with no notice posted by the site at all on its official blog. That could be for the best however since the last time YouTube unveiled High quality videos on its site it confused everyone by labelling them 'Hi Def' in its infantile promotional clip. Ironically that clip is now IN High Def so I've grabbed it above to finally correct one of YouTube's (many) great wrongs.

Of course spotting an HD clip is as simple as looking out for the 'watch in HD' link at the bottom of videos and for the first time YouTube is now an enjoyable experience running in full screen meaning that BBC portal and MGM movie deal are suddenly far more tantalising. As for ISPs, I think I can hear their anguished cries about bandwidth as we speak...

Some Example Links:

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Hilary Duff (Yeah, I went there)


December 8, 2008, 2:09 pm

That's great. I use YouTube to watch movie trailers and so on (often one of the first results, and I can't stand flash-bogged movie sites) but poor quality has been a problem. Look forward to trying it out.


December 8, 2008, 3:40 pm

At last, videos on youtube don't all appear as though I'm wearing glasses!

The quality is up there with HD video trailers on apples movie trailers site


December 8, 2008, 5:31 pm

@darkspark88 - you should clearly get your perscription checking, last I heard glasses were meant to help ;)

(yes, I know you don't actually wear them - I'm being facetious).

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