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YouTube Adds Support for 4K Videos

Gordon Kelly


You won't have a monitor large enough to properly watch them, nor the recording equipment to capture them, nor the broadband connection speed to stream them, but reality be damned - YouTube has announced it will support video of up to 4096 x 3072 pixel resolutions!

In an official blog post, YouTube engineer Ramesh Sarukkai explained this madness saying:

"We always want videos on YouTube to be available in the highest quality possible, as creators intend. In December of last year, we announced support for 1080p, or full HD. At 4096 x 2304 pixels, 4K is over four times the size of 1080p... We're excited about this latest step in the evolution of online video. We've been impressed by the 1080p videos you've uploaded over the last seven months and can't wait to see (in 4K!) what you do next."

Thankfully Sarukkai does acknowledge: "video cameras that shoot in 4K aren’t cheap, and projectors that show videos in 4K are typically the size of a small refrigerator {while} watching these videos on YouTube will require super-fast broadband."

Why is YouTube doing this? It's not really anything more than a) a little bit of future proofing, b) showing off, and c) wanting to be the first streaming service to offer this - which is closely tied to point b). If you have the hardware to watch 4K videos pixel to pixel let us know how you find them. The fact we don't have that capability in the TR offices probably says everything...

Side rant: I've always hated the term 'Full HD' after all, what are we going to call 4K video when it takes off down the line: 'Really Full HD'? 'Full HD 2'? 'Fullest HD?'


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