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Yamaha YSP-2200 Looks to Raise the Bar

David Gilbert


Yamaha YSP-2200 Looks to Raise the Bar

It seems as if November 10th is the day to announce new audio devices with Bang & Olufsen and Linn already announcing new systems this morning, Yamaha has now given notice of its latest offering – a 3D slimline digital sound projector.

The YSP-2200 is the latest in the YSP (Yamaha Sound Projector) range which offers one-box 5.1 surround-sound, which Yamaha has been producing since 2007 when it brought out the YSP-1. Claiming to offer true cinema sound, the intelligent piece of kit can autotune depending on what size or shape room it is in. This will appeal to a lot of technophobes who wouldn’t relish the idea of optimising the YSP-2200 for their own sitting room.

That said, a lot of techophiles would relish the thought of tuning in their own system and may feel cheated out of the chance to do so. For the audio-nuts out there the YSP-2200, which is only 79mm tall and should fit underneath the majority of flatscreen TVs, comes with 11 cinema Digital Signal Processing (DSP) programmes. Three for movie, three for music and five for entertainment settings, which are geared for gaming.

Inside the YSP-2200 are 16 beam drivers and two bass-reflex subwoofer mini-speakers, each with its own digital amplifier. They create multi-channel surround sound by reflecting highly detailed beams of sounds off the walls. In addition the new Music Enhancer function attempts to restore the loss of frequency response that is inherent with compressed formats like MP3.

Something which annoys us here at TrustedReviews is the variation in volume when switching from one television channel to another or from digital television to DVD or games console. The YSP-2200 includes a function called UniVolume which aims to eliminate the surges of volume levels between all the different channels, programmes and input sources.

The unit is also CEC-compatible, which means that it turns itself on and off automatically and simultaneously with your television.

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