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Yamaha Updates Virtual 5.1 Speakers, Launches YSP-3000


Yamaha Updates Virtual 5.1 Speakers, Launches YSP-3000

It was back in August of last year that Yamaha first launched its range of virtual 5.1 surround speaker bars and in technological terms that's practically pre-biblical. Of course Yamaha isn't one to allow its product range to stagnate and to prove this it has updated the YSP range with the YSP-3000.

First and foremost the YSP-3000 packs an improved ‘Intellibeam' virtual surround processing system, now in its third generation, dual HDMI inputs (with a single output - obviously) and a built in DAB tuner. Other inputs include composite video and a pair each of optical and digital coaxial so an older, non-HDMI fitted DVD player, for example, could still be hooked up. In terms of speaker arrangement the YSP-3000 offers 82W of power comprised of two 20W sub woofers and 21 2W drivers. If the idea of attaching an iPod dock to a surround sound system tickles your fancy a dock attachment is available.

Basically the YSP-3000 is a cut down YSP-4000, with notable omissions such as the lack of component input, upscaling and less powerful speakers. In addition, the higher specification model is also $1800, while the YSP-3000 should set you back about $1200 if you happen to deal in monopoly money - although you would at least be able to buy it now. At a guess this would put UK pricing at around £700 and it should transition across the pond fairly soon. Of course, for that money you could almost grab a set of Ferguson Hill FH700s, so space saving is going to need to be a priority.


Yahama YSP-3000 product page.

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