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Yahoo Launches 'Ymail'

Gordon Kelly


Yahoo Launches 'Ymail'

It's a move we should've seen coming...

In an attempt to spruce up its email offering Yahoo is set to launch an @ymail.com extension once again freeing up millions of usernames for those frustrated at being bobjones8795641@yahoo.com. It is also a fairly obvious reference to the Gmail brand - even though Google was forced to sign up all new users to a less inspiring @googlemail.com brand following a successful trademark infringement lawsuit from Daniel Giersch back in 2005.

Users who snap up an @ymail.com address will be treated to the same slick system enjoyed by all current Yahoo customers with drag and drop functionality and ‘Unlimited' storage as well as an integrated instant messenger (compatible with Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger), spam filter and virus checker.

"After ten years, the huge popularity of Yahoo! Mail has meant personalised email addresses are in great demand," said Yahoo! GM of Communication and Community Products, George Hadjigeorgiou. "The launch of ymail.com allows more people the chance to get the email addresses they really want and to provide them with a brilliant starting point for their daily online experience."

Ymail addresses go live on 20 June and with over 260m Yahoo users globally that scramble is likely to be intense. Personally I think whoever gets johnsmith@ymail.com should be awarded a medal.

Happy Hunting!




June 20, 2008, 12:20 am

It should be noted that only UK IP addresses are prevented from signing up to @gmail.com accounts with Gmail, as you say, because of a lawsuit.

Checking your IP at signup is all they do, so hop on a US proxy that supports SSL and grab an @gmail.com address. Just make sure you change your password after you've finished with the proxied signup to protect your privacy.

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