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Xoom Pricing Announced - And Google Music?


Xoom Pricing Announced - And Google Music

When we saw the preview of Honeycomb a few weeks back, there was no mention of a iTunes rival from Google, but Motorola’s CEO took it upon himself to announce to the world that one was coming.

Motorola head honcho, Sanjay Jha was announcing the pricing of the much hyped Honeycomb-touting Xoom when he let slip that a music service was coming to the latest version of Android: “If you look at Google Mobile services {via Android} today, there's a video service, there's a music service – that is, there will be a music service." Not content with that slip of the tongue (if that's what it was), he went on to say that the value Honeycomb will give you it that “it adds video services and music services."

Google has long been expected to launch a rival to Apple’s iTunes which holds around 66 percent of the digital music sales globally and this is the first solid indication that Honeycomb will be the platform it is first launched on. Last week Billboard magazine published a report that said Andy Rubin, a VP of engineering at the search giant, was heading up the new service and that he had been in contact personally with music executives about the service.

As well as giving the game away in relation to Google’s music service, Jha was able to tell us that the Xoom will be priced at a dollar less than $800 (£500) when it is released in the US for the 3G Wi-Fi model, while the Wi-Fi only model will cost a paltry $600 (£375). While the pricing in the US has no real correlation with the price it will sell for in the UK, and we have no confirmed details on that yet, however if you go by the American pricing it will be just slightly less that the price of an iPad.

Jha subsequently told reporters that the Xoom’s premium pricing was predicated on it’s upgradability to 4G which will be free to all customers (at least those with the 3G version) when it becomes available. The Xoom is still on course for a Q2 release here and in the States. We’ll bring you UK pricing as soon as we have it.

Source: Wall Street Journal and Reuters

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