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Xbox Live Adds Movie/TV Downloads

Gordon Kelly


Xbox Live Adds Movie/TV Downloads

You’ll find whatever iTunes has done in the last year Microsoft with its established Xbox Live community and impending Zune will mimic and ultimately try to surpass. Here’s the latest example…

From 22 November Xbox Live will offer users movies and television episodes for download. The service has been boringly officially named ’Xbox Live Video’ and it will mark the one year anniversary since the console’s launch (my how time flies).

CBS, MTV, Paramount, TBS, UFC and Warner Bros has all signed up for launch and – here’s where the ‘surpass’ part comes in – different quality levels will be offered including High Definition. Over 200 hours of HD content is planned to be available from day one and more than of 800 hours of standard def content.

Of course what this announcement also lays down future markers for is an enlarged hard drive, a piece of kit subject to a constant stream of rumours in the last couple of months. To be perfectly honest such a move makes logical as well as financial sense. 80GB and 100GB are the two capacities being theorised about at present but why Microsoft can’t take a leaf out of the PCs book and stuff in a 250GB+ HDD is beyond me. After all storage is hardly the most costly of commodities.

Back at the ranch, Microsoft has yet to announce pricing for its flicks and TV but I think we can all expect it to be ‘competitive’ and by ‘competitive’ naturally I mean undercutting iTunes by a few pence…


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