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Xbox 360 Price Hike Imminent


Xbox 360 Price Hike Imminent

If Eurogamer is right, Microsoft is raising the pricing on the Xbox 360 Arcade. As of the 1 September, according to a number of sources including ShopTo, the Arcade Xbox 360 will rise in price to £159.99.

The change is purportedly as a result of worsening exchange rates, which effect Microsoft's margins, but such reasoning (or excuse-making - delete as preferred) will be of no consolation to consumers, I expect. As if that wasn't bad enough, apparently the five free Live Arcade titles previously are to be removed from the bundle, too.

Furthermore, Argos' (now-amended) listing for the 60GB Xbox 360 Premium was suggesting that console is being discontinued - backing up earlier rumours. The product page was advising customers: "We are very sorry but Microsoft have {sic} discontinued this line." Assuming this re-shuffling of the line-up is going to happen (which I'm inclined to), therefore, the Elite is going to be even more cemented as the best value Xbox 360 available.

Previous rumours have suggested the Premium Xbox 360 would be discontinued, leaving on the Arcade and Elite on sale. Sadly while it looks like the expected price restructuring that would accompany that change is happening the wrong way around, with the Arcade becoming more expensive, instead of the Elite getting cheaper.



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