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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Rolled Out

David Gilbert


Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Rolled Out

The latest software update for the Xbox 360 was rolled out around the globe this morning and will see support given for Microsoft’s Kinect, which goes on sale here in the UK next Wednesday, November 10.

While support for the Kinect, which will be in direct competition with the Playstation Move, is the main advantage of this latest update, the user interface will also receive a bit of a face-lift. In an email to their Xbox Live members, Microsoft said the mandatory update (which is the second for the Xbox Dashboard) will “enhance the interface, navigation, and responsiveness."

New features include the addition of Zune Music and ESPN, improved voice quality and revamped Avatars. The update should take between five and ten minutes to download via Xbox Live. The Kinect goes on sale in the US on Thursday prior to the UK release next week.

Along with allowing users to play games with the Kinect, the update will allow the use of the Kinect to navigate through menus without having to push those pesky buttons anymore.

In its continuing efforts to lure family and casual gamers to its platform, Microsoft has included updated family settings in the release. These will allow parents to choose the right viewing and play settings for their particular setup. Another improvement Microsoft has included in the update is the ability to now see and connect to any wireless networks within range.

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