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World's Fastest & Largest SSD Announced

Gordon Kelly


World's Fastest & Largest SSD Announced

Time for a little escapism...

While we still have plenty more goodies still to show you from CES time stands still for no one, certainly not if you're in the SSD sector. Possibly the fastest moving market area at the moment, it has just shown off the world's first one terabyte solid state drive.

Made by New Jersey based PureSilicon, a company which designs primarily for enterprise and military customers, the SATA II monster will be produced in a 2.5in form factor meaning it becomes the highest density drive ever made.

Dubbed the 'Nitro' it has an ultra thin enclosure (9.5mm) and is designed to be chained together with four drives taking up the same physical space as just one 3.5 incher. In quad array, PureSilicon also claims the Nitros will approach the performance ceiling of SATA II. So that's 4TB of SSD storage operating at nearly 300MB per second - and yes, that does turn us green with envy. On their lonesome however they're no slouches either with quoted 240MBps sustained read and 215MBps sustain write speeds. Wow.

Other stats? MTTF: no less than two million hours, active and idle power use: 4.8W and 0.1W typical and the ability to withstand up to 1500G of shock during operation.

Naturally PureSilicon is looking to supply everyone but consumers with a Nitro and it hasn't yet announced formal shipping or pricing information for the product. Safe to say however if you have to ask...

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