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Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 Outed for Windows 7


Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 Outed for Windows 7

If you find yourself shocked that Microsoft would launch a keyboard and mouse combo ready for the debut of Windows 7, and touted as being specially-designed for that pairing, then please take a few moments to recover. The rest of us will wait, basking in the glow of inevitability, and perhaps wonder exactly what could make the Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 so especially Windows 7 orientated.

Notable among the Windows 7-centric features of the keyboard and mouse combo are support for Windows Flip, providing quick thumbnail views of open applications (think alt-tab, but more so), and Device Stage, Microsoft's new device management system - giving quick access to commonly wanted features of connected hardware.

Frankly, neither of those are what you could can killer features - if you ask me at least - but that's not to write the Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 off entirely. The ergonomic Comfort Curve Keyboard should prove pleasant enough to type on and we already know the Wireless Mouse 5000 is worth its salt.

No UK release date or pricing, but knowing Microsoft the "later this month" timeframe and $79.95 (~£50) MSRP will translate fairly faithfully over here. Besides, you'll be waiting a while for the OS to use it with if you do buy one.



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