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Windows XP SP3 Hits Automatic Update

Gordon Kelly


Windows XP SP3 Hits Automatic Update

Have you noticed a fairly major Windows XP update hitting your system recently? If not you're probably using Vista (my sympathies - more of later) but for the undiscerning eye you're receiving Service Pack 3!

Yep, the much talked about Vista killer (it further widens the performance gap between the two OSes - despite being downplayed by the upgrade promoting Microsoft) - which was released in May now comes to all Windows XP users in compulsory form and don't be afraid there's nothing to fear.

Largely made up of a number of cumulative patches you may already have, SP3 can vary in size from anywhere between 67MB and 300MB depending on how spick and span you keep your system. You'll also gain a bunch of bug and security fixes, further code optimisation, some additional functionality including Network Access Protection (NAP) and peace of mind that you would indeed have been madder than a March hare to upgrade to the unholy one.

So if you've been terrified to hit that 'Install' button until now fear no longer, this is Microsoft's good OS and it won't turn around and bite you. That horror awaits when you next buy a new PC...

Speaking of which Microsoft is about to start a global multi-million dollar advertising scheme to try and counteract the common belief Vista is a failure (who coulda thunk it?). Bravely sticking his head above the parapet is Microsoft's VP of Windows Vista Consumer Marketing (touch job) Brad Brooks who admitted "{With Vista} We broke lot of things. We know that, and we know it caused you a lot of pain. It got customers thinking, hey, is Windows Vista a generation we want to get invested in?"

Referring to Apple he confirmed: "We've got a pretty noisy competitor out there. You know it. I know it. It's caused some impact. We're going to start countering it". Good luck Brad, but if I were you I'd be placing more emphasis on getting a scalable Windows 7 right and out on time....


Windows Service Pack 3 Resource Page

Ben 2

July 11, 2008, 6:46 am

XP SP3 really is the icing on the cake for XP.

It's a pretty damn secure, solid, dependable workhorse of an OS that will serve lots of business customers and home customers alike.

I'm afraid whilst I don't think Vista is UTTER crap, there's not enough advancement from XP and with XP being able to run from anything like a Good Pentium 2 right up to the current systems it's fab:P, Microsoft really have got a hell of a job on their hands, Windows 7 better be fantastic, then again I might be using little old Windows XP :)


July 11, 2008, 11:28 am

I think you mean it's a tough job :-)

Windows Vista Consumer Marketing (touch job)


July 11, 2008, 2:18 pm

If you've got a crap PC, XP is fine, but I really like windows vista. I suspect it's because I'm running the 64bit version (which runs 32bit apps absolutely fine), as I have had more problems running the 32bit version on my lappy. I think they shouldn't have even released a 32bit Vista, because all the CPUs that can run vista also support 64bit.

As an aside, I'm posting this from Linux so nyer!

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