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Windows Vista & Dell XPS Go (PRODUCT) RED

Gordon Kelly


Windows Vista & Dell XPS Go (PRODUCT) RED

I'm a sucker for posting about charitable events, even if they are by two of the world's largest multinational corporations...

Dell and Microsoft are teaming up with (PRODUCT) RED co-founder and one time pre-How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb music genius and subsequent rehasher of all things Joshua Tree Bono, to release charity branded editions of its offerings.

Dell will produce limited edition (PRODUCT) RED versions of its already-available-in-red XPS range and purchasing an XPS One will donate $80 to the cause while picking up either an M1330 or M1530 will donate $50. Each will have a (slightly different shade of) red casing and come with an engraved (PRODUCT) RED logo plus a (PRODUCT) RED skinned edition of Windows Vista Ultimate.

Proving there are still microscopic margins in the printer market, Dell will also make a limited edition (PRODUCT) RED 948 All-in-one printer which costs $149 and sees $5 go to the charity.

"The computer has revolutionized our lives; the (RED) Dell Microsoft partnership goes a step further with PCs which channel money to the Global Fund," said the perminantly sunglassed Irish singer. "It's a truly beautiful idea that the purchase of a stylish PC can put someone on lifesaving ARV treatment for six months."

"The RED campaign is making a tangible difference in the lives of people living with AIDS in Africa," said Michael Dell, Dell chairman and CEO. "We've seen what computers can do for keeping people connected, but with (RED), the sale of these products will actually help keep people alive. We couldn't be more proud to be part of this initiative."

"The combination of Microsoft, (RED) and Dell means consumers can help in the fight against AIDS in Africa by buying a great Dell PC that comes loaded with the best version of Windows Vista, with each purchase funding up to six months of life-saving drugs for someone in Africa through the Global Fund," said Bill Gates. "The (RED) business model is a powerful way for consumers to use their purchasing power to help bring about positive change in the world, and we are pleased to have Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED be an engine for that change."

Now I wouldn't normally allow three such back slapping quotes into an article, but hey, it's for chaaarity. Besides, (RED) has generated more than $57 million for the Global Fund since it launched in 2006 and action like that almost makes me want to go out and buy Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED...



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