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Windows Phone & Windows Marketplace Launch Early

Gordon Kelly


Windows Phone & Windows Marketplace Launch Early

Seems like AT&T and Microsoft have itchy trigger fingers...

The former managed to sell the self-branded 'Pure', a budget Windows Mobile 6.5 handset, last weekend days early of the official launch tomorrow. Compounding this, Microsoft had already set Windows Marketplace - its long awaited app store - live meaning early access for all lucky customers.

In fairness the premature launch may have given Microsoft 48 hours to perform any last minute tweaks in a real world testing environment. That said, the more obvious challenge is filling up Windows Marketplace since currently there are just 40 apps available. By comparison the iPhone App Store has over 75,000 - even if 50,000+ are related to fart jokes. Microsoft does have a few decent apps available from the off though with the likes of Facebook, Pac-Man and Street Fighter II and Sim City said to be on the way.

Furthermore, if handsets can live up to the promise suggested by the HTC Leo/HD2 then users may well be wooed back by Microsoft's more open approach to hardware. Then again, the reality is Windows Mobile 6/6.1 fell so woefully short that Windows Mobile (dressed up under the Windows Phone moniker or not) is unlikely to make anyone weak at the knees until version 7 turns up next year...


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