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Windows Phone 7 "to be an ad-serving machine"

Gordon Kelly


You think Steve jobs is the new king of self destructive PR? Microsoft can still show the Apple CEO a thing or two...

Speaking at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Microsoft general manager for Strategy and Business Development Kostas Mallios performed an extraordinary foot-in-mouth manoeuvre when he described the company's impending Windows Phone 7 smartphone OS as "an ad-serving machine".

"{Windows Phone 7 is} an extra move on our NUI (natural user interface). We're trying to get technology out of the way of people," he explained. "For consumers, what this means is basically seamless experiences, seamless social connectivity – not just about applications, obviously about the phone, obviously about media. For marketers ... this is actually turning out, in my view, to be an ad-serving machine. It basically enables advertisers to connect with consumers over time."

The gaffe wouldn't be so bad if news hadn't also broken that Windows Phone 7 will allow companies to push ads to users even outside of their applications. Owners can opt out of this behaviour in settings, but it will be enabled by default with ads appearing both in home screen tiles and alerts at the top of the screen.

Finishing things off, Mallios was introduced at the festival by a host who gave away the platform's release date: "I'm gonna ask rock star Kostas... to come on," she said. "And Kostas has brought with him Windows Phone 7, which we launch this October."

How successful the launch for this initially highly promising platform will be following the subsequent revelations about questionable third party app development and a lack of multi-tasking remains to be seen. I'd argue the smartphone sector would benefit from a competitive Microsoft product, but at this stage WP7 seem to be unravelling fast...


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