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Windows Phone 7 to Launch in UK 21 October


Windows Phone 7 to Launch in UK 21 October?

Reports are coming in suggesting that Windows Phone 7, the make or break next generation mobile operating system from Microsoft, will be hitting the UK on 21 October.

Spanish site eleconomista.es started the ball rolling, claiming that Windows Phone 7 will be first unveiled in the US on 11 October, and that 10 days later it will be launched in Spain. Neowin has followed up by stating that this is also the launch date for the UK, France, Germany and Italy – all the big European markets.

We’re already had official confirmation from Microsoft that it will be available on all UK networks at launch, and that the supporting Zune Pass will be available in the UK too.

Windows Phone 7 represents a complete refresh and redesign of how Microsoft has approached creating an operating system for a mobile phone, and from what we’ve seen so far takes its cues from the interface for the Xbox and the Zune, rather than trying to shunt the Windows desktop experience onto a phone, as it has done for the first six, frankly painful versions of Windows Mobile.

However, while it’s a bold and radical step forward for Microsoft, the reality is that it’s playing major catch up to Apple and Google in the mobile stakes, while even Nokia seems ready to once again bring its A-game to the smartphone market with the Nokia N8. Come 21 October then, the mobile phone market is going to be a more crowded and competitive place than ever before. We can’t wait.

Link: eleconomista.es.

Link: Neowin.

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