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Windows Phone 7 Update Could Be Huge

David Gilbert


There's nothing like a a big boastful statement to brighten up these dark December mornings - whether or not it is true. So claims the imminent Windows Phone 7 update could be akin to Windows Phone 8 sparked our interest no end. Whether or not this is true, what we do know - officially from Microsoft - is that a copy and paste function will definitely be included in the first update. While informative, this statement doesn't really have the same excitement to it though.

Earlier in the week, a developer behind a jailbreaking app for WP7 called Chevron WP7, Chris Walsh, has been quoted as saying the new update would not only bring the copy and paste function but would bring so much added functionality "they could have called it Windows Phone 8." Among the other improvements that are rumoured in the update are improvements to Bing’s turn-by-turn directions, custom ringer support and multi-tasking of some form.

In an attempt to quell the hype, Microsoft made this statement yesterday: "Microsoft is committed to delivering regular updates to the Windows Phone experience. Our first update will make copy & paste available in early 2011. In addition to this first update, all Windows Phone 7 users should expect to see additional updates delivered in the future as part of Microsoft's ongoing update process."

Walsh's claims all sound very interesting but the Microsoft statement dampened the excitement a little. However it seems clear that 2011 will be an exciting time for WP7 as it looks to increase its market share and entice new users to its OS.

Walsh, who has apparently been leaked some information on the update, has promised to post some screenshots of the new update at some stage today so stay tuned for more…ah, updates.

Via Windows Phone Central

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