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Windows Phone 7 Now Ready for Developers


Windows Phone 7 Now Ready for Developers

Microsoft has said that it is on the “home stretch” of the development cycle of its new phone platform, Windows Phone 7, and has started to send devices out to developers.

“Our Windows Phone engineering team has hit a very meaningful milestone; one that we’re calling technical preview,” said Terry Myerson, corporate vice president of Windows Phone engineering said on official Windows Phone blog.

"Starting today, thousands of prototype phones from Asus, LG and Samsung are making their way into the hands of developers over the next few weeks. Combine that with the beta release of the Windows Phone developer tools, and I can’t wait to see how our developer partners take advantage of our new approach to smart design and integrated mobile experience," Myerson wrote.

“Our team have signed off that our software is now ready for the hands-on everyday use of a broad set of consumers around the world – and we’re looking forward to their feedback in the coming weeks,” - which certainly sounds like the platform is nearly ready to go.

Myerson also said that, “We’ve been testing usability, battery life, network connectivity, and many other metrics for a long time,” though this is no more than you’d expect. That said mobile phone testing has come under scrutiny recently following the iPhone 4 antenna debacle, which most analysts suggest came about as Apple tested its device is protective cases to hide the prototype from prying eyes.

Windows Phone 7 itself has not been without its own controversies however, such as the revelation that it will not support cut-and-paste, a missing feature that Apple was much maligned for until it was added with iPhone OS 3.0.

Either way, Microsoft sounds bullish over Windows Phone 7, but then it always does. Let’s not mention the Kin then, shall we?

Link: Microsoft Windows Phone site

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