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Windows Live Essentials 11 Released

Andy Vandervell


Windows Live Essentials 11 Released

A few years ago Microsoft spun off many of Windows' native applications, such as its mail application, into a suite now known as Windows Live Essential - so essential, they must be downloaded separately. Today the latest version of the free suite, version 11, was released to the public after its stint in beta. Dell will be the first PC manufacturer to start shipping its PCs and laptops with Live Essentials 11.

Notably, 11 gives all the applications a Windows 7 update. This means you can pin them, and access common tasks via Jump Lists. Also, Microsoft's Ribbon interface, as seen in Office 2010 and other Windows applications, has been applied to the Live applications. Windows XP users are out of luck, however, as 11 is only for Vista and Windows 7 users.

Here are some shots of the new applications:

Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Get your download on here.

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