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Windows Live Essentials 11 Released

Andy Vandervell


Windows Live Essentials 11 Released

A few years ago Microsoft spun off many of Windows' native applications, such as its mail application, into a suite now known as Windows Live Essential - so essential, they must be downloaded separately. Today the latest version of the free suite, version 11, was released to the public after its stint in beta. Dell will be the first PC manufacturer to start shipping its PCs and laptops with Live Essentials 11.

Notably, 11 gives all the applications a Windows 7 update. This means you can pin them, and access common tasks via Jump Lists. Also, Microsoft's Ribbon interface, as seen in Office 2010 and other Windows applications, has been applied to the Live applications. Windows XP users are out of luck, however, as 11 is only for Vista and Windows 7 users.

Here are some shots of the new applications:

Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Get your download on here.


October 2, 2010, 12:51 am

"so essential, they must be downloaded separately."

That's the EUs fault not Microsofts.


October 2, 2010, 1:10 am

I think it is a pretty good update the live mesh is a very good inclusion (better than dropbox in the fact you can select the folders you want to sync rather than having to use the specific dropbox folder)

there is only a few niggles the photo gallery has removed the date taken tree down the left side, and WLM now has no option to edit your nickname or you are not able to store your username but not your password for sign in.


October 2, 2010, 1:27 am

also geotagging is screwed up in photo gallery just read this on why http://gcoupe.blogspot.com/...

Yuan Taizong

October 2, 2013, 3:29 pm

Yep, they should become a part of the system again, otherwise they will just deflower and rot.

Yuan Taizong

October 2, 2013, 3:30 pm

The Windows Essentials are an optional download in a similar manner to many of Microsoft's other services. But with the release of Windows 8 many of these optional downloads were bundled with the system, Games for Windows - LIVE and Microsoft Security Essentials are built into Windows 8 and provide great integration with the system and the former with Microsoft-accounts. Most components from the Windows Live Essentials are also bundled with Windows 8 like Microsoft SkyDrive, Windows Live Mail, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Live Messenger as Windows RunTime applications, In the past Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker were unbundled with Windows 7 to comprise for the features from Windows XP to be added to the new Vista release, 7. They were added as the Windows Live Essentials, but unbundling them actually proved that they weren't ''essential'', despite this, most users still miss Windows Movie Maker and others on their P.C.'s. Although Windows Live Family Safety is now bundled with Windows and it proves that these ''essentials'' are better a part of the system, most are still an optional download.

Despite droppping the Windows Live brand with the R.T.M. of Windows 8, the Windows Essentials Suite still remains unbundled.

Another reason why the Windows Essentials shouldn't be a seperate suite is its integration with Microsoft-accounts, although it exists to be seamless with the rest, if you sign-in with your Microsoft-account to Windows 8 you have to seperately sign into Windows Live's apps to make them integrate with your Microsoft-account, this isn't a seamless experience, it feels as if you have 2 different suites of services. Even if Microsoft SkyDrive is part of Windows 8 and even a desktop variant exists with Windows 8.1 (Blue) it is still an avialable download. If the Windows Essentials were directly built into the system they could have a more seamless integration with Microsoft-accounts thus removing ''the 3rd party'' feeling of them, and they could

Windows Live Mail is a good example of apps that need to be bundled with the system, although there's a WinR.T. variant, most older users are often bound to the desktop, I know many Windows XP users who exclusively use Outlook Express for their mail, and many of these people have trouble downloading things and are suspicious of them, Windows 7 would be a confusing landscape for them as they have no desktop e-mail client, Windows Live Mail could solve this if it was bundled with Windows. Adding an extra button ''switch to metro'' and ''switch to desktop'' could make the transition between WinR.T. and the desktop more seamless thus making Windows feel more like one system.

Windows Movie Maker & Windows Photo Gallery were both former components (like the above) and and the former is very trusted by Windows XP users who'll migrate to Windows 8 suddenly finding that their favourite video editing app isn't a part of their computer, which could be sad. These are 2 very useful apps that aren't large in size, today's computers can take a few extra G.B. of prorgammes and it wouldn't make the computer slower, bundling them back into Windows would be better for consumers and bug-fixes and updates are easier to deliver via Windows Update than through updating the suite once every 1 or 2 years.

Windows Live Writer is an app with a very loyal and powerful following, and many people unfamiliar with blog-writing and have no idea where to find software like this could greatly benefit from having this on their P.C.'s and as Windows R.T. can't run .exe files having this bundled with Windows R.T. could improve the productivity for blogging consumers who won't have to look for ''a 2nd class replacement'' in the Windows Store that offers less features and functions than Windows Live Writer. Windows Live Writer can also have an optional add-on for Microsoft Word, but having a seperate app for the desktop built-into the system would benefit more users.

Microsoft SkyDrive is already a part of Windows 8 and will get 100% integration in Windows 8.1 (Blue) and a desktop app, although its already bundled it is still in the Windows Essentials Suite, there is absolutely no reason to keep these seperate, bundling SkyDrive with Windows won't force anyone who doesn't use Microsoft-accounts to use SkyDrive and it will offer a cloud solution to those unknown with it, as before, updating SkyDrive would be easier via both the Windows Store and Windows Update and a built-in desktop client would work better with the rest of the system, and you can Always add an option to ''switch to Metro'' and vice versa.

Skype although not a part of the Windows Essentials could be bundled with Windows for the desktop, some people don't Always get their notifications on the WinR.T. app (I've missed one today) and having the desktop app giving notifications even when no window's open could solve this problem, other platforms like O.S. X come with their own messaging platform, like their FaceTime, Skype could also benefit from a bundle with Windows Phone.

As Windows Live no longer exists it no longer makes sense offering a seperate suite, bundling these with Windows and keeping it optional for older versions of Windows could give Microsoft a better and more seamless system across their devices and services, automatically syncing desktop apps across P.C.'s where you have the same Microsoft-account could greatly benefit users.


I really love the present iconography, it looks really artistic and is way more beautiful than Apple's ugly ''minimalistic simple style'' or Google's ''kindergarten sty;e'' for icons, Microsoft already uses both styles for WinR.T. and it works there, but on the desktop iconography is more important than infography for grapical indications, that golden wave thing looks really good, and I wish to compliment the people/person who made those icons, looks really artistic ;-) best icons I've ever seen on the desktop.


There could also be a WinR.T. app for Windows Live Writer, please don't discontinue it.


I know that there is already a WinR.T. app called ''Windows Mail'' but the Desktop and the Start-Screen could both benefit from a desktop client.


SkyDrive should have a seperate menu in Windows Live Mail, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker for file backing up and to back up e-mails through a simple option like ''automatically back up all mails/files''.


The Windows Essentials aren't that big of a files and bundling will cost less than 1 G.B. (which wouldn't slow even the oldest computers down) which is less than the number of apps people will download to replace the functionality. Windows Live Writer is unmatched and Windows Live Mail (as Outlook Express) is one of the most trusted Windows destkop apps.


Windows Live Writer could alternitavely be integrated in Microsoft Word if the development would cost too much.


As a Microsoft-account is optional it wouldn't force ANYONE to use these services.


As Microsoft is becomming a ''devices and services'' company this would add more services to their devices.


Most of these were parts of the O.S. and that is probably the main reason people download 'em anyway, I wanted my Windows XP's Movie Maker back which is how I found out that I could download these.


Windows Photo Viewer could be replaced with Windows Photo Gallery thus making it also a bit lighter.


Microsoft Family Safety & Windows Defendewr is a good example how bundling actually improved the systems productivity in both 8 and R.T.


The Charms bar could inegrate better with the share option for the Windows Essential components if they're bundled, and it could add more features to Windows 8's Ribbon user interface in Windows Explorer.


Bing Dictionary integration in Windows Live Writer and Microsoft SkyDrive's Bing Optical Character Recognition software could be integrated into Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker and it could have some sort of ''smart calendar'' that knows how to add appointments to your calendar from the mail app.


wINDOWS Live Mail could be integrated with Windows Contacts as these exist, and Windows Contacts could be seamlessly integrated with People to give an experience that both WinR.T. and the Desktop are the same O.S. instead ''of ''2 different islands''


I want to suggest a WinR.T. app for Windows Live Writer.


Windows Movie Maker can have deep inegration as an editing tool for Windows Media Player, Xbox Music and Xbox Video.


It's not that I'm against the idea of having a downloadable suite, I really like the other suites like Microsoft KeyBoard Layout editor, Microsoft World-Wide Telescope (+ Mars) and Microsoft Mathematics, but these are specialised apps that not everybody has a need to, the Windows Essentials as their name implies are Essential to Windows and need to integrate deeper with the system to give a better user experience.

Most of these apps are really useful and are things that will make Windows R.T. more functional, the desktop exists almost as a rundimentary enviroment with Microsoft Office, but these apps could make it better .

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