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Windows 7 Sales Top 90m As Microsoft Preps 'Project Pink' Phones

Gordon Kelly


Windows 7 Sales Top 90m As Microsoft Preps 'Project Pink' Phones

Based on the pre-order sales alone, it has been known for some time that Windows 7 was going to sell like hotcakes at a Fat Camp. This has since been born out several times by Microsoft and it seems sales won't be slowing down any time soon.

Speaking on the official Windows Team Blog, company CFO Peter Klein revealed 90 million copies of Windows 7 have now been sold since the OS was released in late October. This is an all-time high for the platform and compares to roughly 40m copies of Vista being shifted during a similar timeframe.

Why has it been so successful? Klein didn't elaborate, but the ever increasing size of the PC market combined with an enthused critical response seem to be the obvious answers. The more cynical would also claim those who skipped Vista were now ready to upgrade while those who purchased Vista were 'highly motivated' to get away from it...

In related Microsoft news Gizmodo is reporting that the on-again, off-again Project Pink, err... project is back on again and is actually full steam ahead for a launch as early as April on the US network Verizon.

Two handsets, the Sharp made 'PB10ZU' and the 'PB20ZU' (pictured, though we don't know which is which) are said to be the models in question. Perhaps most odd for these Palm Pre and HTC-esque models are the choice of OS with Gizmodo reporting neither Windows Mobile 6.5 (sorry Phone Classic or Windows Phone Series 7 will be used.

Instead talk is of a new custom (dumbphone?) OS akin to that seen on the Sidekick, whose development team Danger was bought by Microsoft last year.

Sounds like an unnecessary and potentially messy diversion to me, but it looks like we'll know soon enough for sure...


via Windows Team Blog

via Gizmodo

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