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Windows 7 RC Downloads Cease

Gordon Kelly


Windows 7 RC Downloads Cease

If you're stuck in two minds over whether to upgrade to Windows 7 (hint: you shouldn't be, it's fab) then bear in mind today is the last day you will be able to try the OS out for free.

On 20 August Microsoft will stop all Windows 7 Release Candidate downloads. It will continue to issue trial license keys, but you'll be forced to dig around third party sites and the like to get the OS itself (watch out for viruses).

Why would you want to trial a pre-release piece platform with the final version coming on 22 October? Well, other than the try-before-you-buy opportunity, Microsoft is rather generously allowing the RC to run until 1 June so it will last 10 months. Be warned that bi-hourly shutdowns of the RC will commence from 1 March 2010, but that's still seven months to come to a decision. The available Windows 7 RC is also the Ultimate edition.

Fruthermore, word is a simple hack will also allow RC users to upgrade to the release version once it is launched - though Microsoft is urging testers to do a clean install for the best possible experience.

Both 32bit and 64bit (go for the latter, trust me) versions of Windows 7 RC can be downloaded from the link below. English, German, Japanese, French, and Spanish language options are available. Downloads started today will be given a few days leeway to complete. Hurry, you can't beat free...!


Windows 7 RC Download Site

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