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Windows 7 Driving 64-bit Uptake

Andy Vandervell


Windows 7 Driving 64-bit Uptake

Good news everyone, according to a post on the The Windows Blog, it looks as if 64-bit computing has finally hit the mainstream. Statistics derived from Windows Update have revealed that 46 per cent of all Windows 7 PCs are running 64-bit, compared to just 11 per cent from Vista and less than one per cent of Windows XP machines.

However, as Windows Communication Manager Brandon LeBlanc explains in his post, not all of the credit goes to Microsoft:

"The reason for the jump in transition to 64-bit PCs can be attributed to a few things. The first is the price of memory has dropped over the last several years making it easier for OEMs to up the amount of memory in the PCs they ship. And most major processors in PCs today are capable of running a 64-bit OS. There are also more and more compatible devices and applications for PCs running 64-bit Windows 7."

He goes on to add that 77 per cent of all new PC sales in the US have a 64-bit version of Windows 7 installed. All of which means there's no excuse for vendors not to include a 64-bit OS, and any that do will soon suffer at the hands of one our doomsday devices - or just get marked down. Surely by the time Windows 8 arrives, we'll all be on 64-bit?


The Windows Blog

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