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Windows 2000 to Bite the Dust Alongside Vista RTM & XP SP2

Gordon Kelly


Windows 2000 to Bite the Dust Alongside Vista RTM & XP SP2

Microsoft supports products forever, right? Wrong. In particular users need to pay close attention to Windows. Long term support lasts many years, but only if you run the right version...

Emphasising this point is an update to the official Windows Team Blog late yesterday to remind users that support for Windows Vista RTM, XP with Service Pack 2 and - importantly - all versions of Windows 2000 is coming to an end.

"If you or someone you know is running Windows Vista with no services packs installed (also known as Windows Vista RTM or SP0), please use Windows Update to install the latest service pack available – Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (note you’ll need to install Service Pack 1 first)," said Microsoft's ubiquitous blog writer Brandon LeBlanc. "On April 13th, 2010, Windows Vista RTM will reach the end of support."

On top of this Windows XP SP2 will see support end on 13 July 2010 - a significant date since all versions of Windows 2000 will also be cut adrift and that is something anyone still using the 10 year old platform needs to take very seriously indeed. Losing support for all versions means Microsoft will no longer update the platform in any way so if holes are found they will not be patched and boy, do hackers love to focus on unsupported products.

So come 13 July Windows 2000 will join former OSes Windows 95, 98 and ME on the scrapheap while you've six weeks to switch to XP SP3 and Vista SP1. All of which makes me wonder: is anyone seriously still running 2000?


via Windows Team Blog

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