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Will New Xtreme Laptops Rock Your World?

David Gilbert


Will New Xtreme Laptops Rock Your World?

Anything burdened with an X at the start of its title needs to be one of two things it seems – a porn film or a high-end gaming laptop. In this case the British produced Rock Xtreme series is the latter of the two and promises some powerful computing for gamers out there.

Rock has launched four new products to its multimedia and gaming range, Xtreme. Powered by the Intel i7 processor, the X785, X795 and X850 all feature nVidia’s GTX 480M, with the Xtreme 680 rocking (get it?) nVidia’s GTX 460M. Similar to previous laptops in this series, the new Xtremes are high on specifications and high on price. The basic X650 costs £1299 going up to £2199 for the basic X795.

As regards screen size the X785 and X795 offer 17.3in of full HD quality, the X850, a mammoth 18.4in, while, the smaller X680 HD+ screen stands at 15.6in. However the X680 also comes with the option to add a 3D panel. Blu-Ray drives are another optional extra for the laptops. All units have either a two or three megapixel camera built in.

The X680 and X785 both come with 4 x USB ports (including one USB 3.0 with the X785), whilst the X795 and the X850 come with 5 and 6 x USB ports respectively (with two USBs 3.0 on each). 802.11 3x3 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi is provided as an optional extra with all ranges.

Storage wise there is 750GB 5400rpm HDD space available with the X680, 2 x 750GB HDD space available with the X785 and a whopping 3 x 750GB HDD space available with both the X795 and X850. X795 and X850 both include a 9-in-1 Card Reader, whilst X785 has a 8-in-1 Card Reader and X680 a 7-in-1 Card Reader. Windows 7 (64 bit) is provided as standard.

Source: Rock

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