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WiGig Rival WirelessHD Ups Stakes With Specification 1.1

Gordon Kelly


WiGig Rival WirelessHD Ups Stakes With Specification 1.1

While the momentum behind potential WiFi standard Wigig looks virtually unstoppable, it has a rival (of sorts) who is also making major moves...

WirelessHD has announced the availability of v1.1 (renamed from the more confusing WirelessHD 2.0 we saw at CES in January) and brings with it performance optimisation, support for common industry 3D formats and 4K resolutions (over 4096 pixels horizontally compared to 1920 in 1080p), reduced power requirements and HDCP 2.0 content protection.

As you might have guessed by this feature list WirelessHD isn’t exactly next generation WiFi akin to WiGig, but is instead more focused on home entertainment systems and replacing the need for HDMI cables. It is also more restrictive in range preferring line of sight connections, but is happy with NLOS (non line of sight) distances of up to 10m.

Despite this I say "rival of sorts" because like WiGig it uses the same 60GHz band and whereas WiGig can reach a theoretical maximum up to an incredible seven gigabits per second, WirelessHD can top out at up to 28 gigabits per second. Mind blowing.

So are we about to get caught up in a format war since - despite different emphasis - the two do seem to overlap? Hopefully no, because 60GHz innovator SiBEAM has also today announced the industry's first dual mode WirelessHD/WiGig chipset meaning both can happily co-exist and stick to their specialities. The chipset is availability immediately to manufacturers and SiBEAM will be hoping for widespread adoption in the latest home cinema products from its partners which include Panasonic, LG, Sony and Toshiba.

So will we...




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