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WiFi Fast Bluetooth 3.0 Spec Debuts 21 April

Gordon Kelly


WiFi Fast Bluetooth 3.0 Spec Debuts 21 April

Bluetooth may be a universally installed technology but is it is also a much underused one, something the impending 3.0 specification could be about to change...

Official body, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has confirmed just before we all tuck into our chocolaty eggs that Bluetooth v3.0 will be formally unveiled on 21 April. No specific figures have been released about the latest edition, but the organisation's official language can leave no one in doubt that this looks to be a biggie:

"The speed of Bluetooth 3.0 will expand home entertainment and CE use cases in these under-penetrated markets," it said in an official statement. "Transferring an entire music library, a complete DVD, a vacation's worth of photos, all within seconds at the touch of a button and wirelessly will now be possible. And while speed is the coolest part of 3.0, there's also good news for the headset and handset crowds - a new feature called Enhanced Power Control reduces the incidence of disconnects caused by movement such as placing a phone in a pocket or purse."

It continued: "On the technical side, it is a Generic Alternate MAC/PHY (AMP) that will enable Bluetooth profiles to take advantage of 802.11 speeds. The 802.11 Protocol Adaption Layer (PAL) will enable the Generic AMP feature to be used with an 802.11 radio."

Now hugely promising as this sounds, what really excites me is the potential for mass storage related products like Leyio (something I will actually see in the flesh next week).

I'll be watching Bluetooth 3.0 developments like a hawk - so let's see if it really can give WiFi something to think about...


Bluetooth SIG


April 11, 2009, 5:13 am

I kind of question the usability of leyio. The transfer rate 10mb/sec sounds wonderful but surely in the next year or so every new smart phone on the earth should be able to do just that. People stop carrying camera with them cos they can photoing & videoing on the go with a decent phone, so why do you wanna carry xtra stuff in your pocket only designed for as far as I understand from leyio's website - exchanging digital info.

If iphone has a usb plug and can be used as an storage drive, surely it doesnt take very long for a developer to figure out something similar just like that. All it takes for Apple is to bring a new phone out with bluetooth 3.0 and some software support. I remember they recently filed something in relation to finger print security on iphone. So why would I spend money on a leyio thingy? hmm.. waiting to be convinced...


April 11, 2009, 6:51 am

A complete DVD within seconds? Lets be generous and assume the DVD only has 3GB of content (out of 9.4GB) and it takes 10 seconds. That's 300MB/s! That's faster than the best home SSDs can manage, and ten times as fast as draft N wifi's theoretical limit. It's about a hundred times as fast as wifi often achieves in practice! At the 3MB/s wifi will often achieve you're looking at three and a half minutes just to transfer a CD, and nearly an hour for a full DVD.

While I can see that this is absurd, you might want to insert some skepticism or even irony next to such ridiculous marketing claims for those who don't know common transfer speeds off by heart. :)

p.s. Wifi fast, now there's a phrase you don't hear very often.

john 31

April 11, 2009, 7:15 pm

The use of the Wi-Fi Phy is the only thing that Bluetooth 3.0 brings to the market so one wonders why not just use Wi-Fi. With simple and secure setup using WPA and new Peer to Peer protocols being introduce Wi-Fi can deliver everything and more that Bluetooth offers.


April 13, 2009, 3:04 am

@Xiphias - I think my tone of caution says that. We can only wait and see...

@John - maybe, but that doesn't sound a good message to preach if you are the 'Bluetooth Special Interest Group' ;)

Technology changes, and so sho

April 13, 2009, 10:57 pm

'The 802.11 Protocol Adaption Layer (PAL) will enable the Generic AMP feature to be used with an 802.11 radio'


Bluetooth is as fast was Wi-Fi because it uses the Wi-Fi interface, and yet they claim it's a speed boost for Bluetooth? This sounds like an interoperability nightmare if you don't have exactly the right kit and drivers to make it work between end-points.

As for the speed, well I can already copy several GB of data from one point to another using Bluetooth in a matter of seconds.

It's just that the number of those seconds is more conveniently expressed in hours.

Ha! I love marketing talk.

Look out everybody, the fusion reaction that keeps the Sun going will run out of fuel in a matter of seconds.

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