Watch Out For CrossFire

ATI has definitely done a good job of promoting CrossFire at Computex. At the ATI suite in the Grand Hyatt CrossFire takes pride of place, with a machine built in a totally clear case – ideal for showing off a dual graphics card solution. Of course the bright green water cooler helped add to the image, but then I wouldn’t have expected to see anything less.

The pass-through cable at the rear does look a little messy, but I guess any PC looks a untidy round the back, with the unavoidable amount of cables involved anyway. At least it’s a digital pass-through so you won’t end up with the image degradation “enjoyed” by myself and a host of other early 3D gamers in the Voodoo and Voodoo 2 days.

But it wasn’t just the ATI suite that was awash with CrossFire, you couldn’t wander too far on the show floor without seeing a CrossFire setup on display. It seems that there’s a decent amount of industry support out there, and a significant amount of manufacturers producing motherboards based on the ATI chipset.

MSI CrossFire

ECS Intel CrossFire

ECS AMD CrossFire

PowerColour CrossFire

GeCube CrossFire

Of course ATI didn’t have everything its own way. I also managed to get my paws on an nVidia GeForce 7800, and even took a couple of pictures of it. But since I was asked nicely not to post them until the launch later this month, I’m afraid I’m going to have to keep them to myself for now.

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