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Warner Offers HD DVD to Blu-ray Upgrades


Warner Offers HD DVD to Blu-ray Upgrades

Quite why Warner Bros. has taken so long to think up Red2blu I don't know, but as long as the promotion migrates across to the UK, I'm fully behind the scheme. The simple premise: if you have a Warner HD DVD release and want to change it out for a Blu-ray, then you can do so; albeit for a fee.

Specifically that fee is $4.95 per HD DVD plus a shipping and handling fee of $6.95 per order in the US and $8.95 Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico (plus applicable taxes). In UK terms, about £8 for one disc plus another £3.50 for each additional disc; although if Warner Bros. extends the offer over here we'll doubtless be charged more than that thanks to 'UK Tax' - sigh.

Considering Warner Bros. has some of the best HD DVDs going in its collection - A Clockwork Orange, Blood Diamond and Full Metal Jacket to name but three - offering owners the chance to save their discs from redundancy for a not-unreasonable charge seems pretty darned decent.

Come on Warner Bros. Extend this offer globally; and get every other (ex-)HD DVD distributor to do the same!



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